Friday, March 27, 2009

More on Tony's diet

Tony hasn't been eating the PowerBar Blasts he loves for a few hours. Rhonda's concerned, quite rightly, that he's not eating enough, and that's behind his low spirits.


  1. Stop Tony. Tell him Lee INSISTS he eat. I am his wiser elder. If he wants my approbation at Ironman Canada this year, which he lured me into doing for the 11th time, he HAS to eat according to my dictates.

    Lww (Who trusts implicitly in Rhonda)

  2. That was LEE on the last post, not what my misguided fingers typed, Lww. ;-)

  3. I agree with lee. Need to get some "good" calories in him. And something salty to combat all the sweet stuff.

    Some chicken soup, potato chips, pretzels, an orange or banana, etc.

  4. Hey, what's not good about the blasts! Those are from a very reputable source :-)