Friday, March 27, 2009

What's going on

Tony took a 13- or 14-minute break after 30 km, trying to get things going in washroom, but he's still hitting slightly over 9 minutes for every 500, so that puts him pretty much on track or slightly ahead of sched.

I was asked about his rash - it does look bad, but hasn't looked worse in a few hours. He's covering both it and his left cheek with BodyGlide frequently.

Finally, I was asked about why I was here. Well, it's because Tony has been awfully helpful and gracious to me in my Ironman quest, and two or three months ago he was in a bit of a low spot about this marathon swim & I decided my best "donation" (as well as a money donation I had made) would be to come out from Toronto and help. So I flew out yesterday, I'm staying in a local hotel, and I'll fly back late tomorrow morning. (I'm already close to my Toronto bed time; I won't be as tired as Tony, but I'll be beat tomorrow!) Thanks for asking!

Tony's coming up to 30.5 km. I can't express how exciting this is.


  1. Richard, Sherry and I THANK YOU for being there live to support our friend.

    See you at IMC!


  2. Tony, you're just too amazing for words... and thanks to Richard for documenting this!

    As for the rash... is he bilateral breathing? That should cut down on the friction if he can do that!